Newborn sessions are held in the comfort of your home to accommodate mom’s recovery or in the comfort of my home studio to keep the baby away from public places and germs during this sensitive time.  All in studio sessions are private individual sessions working with just you and your newborn.

Please expect your session to last from 2-4 hours.  This accounts for time needed for diaper changes, feedings, comforting, outfit changes, etc.   We want baby (and parents) to be completely happy and relaxed, so we can capture those heart melting photos!  Session length is based on the needs of you and your baby.

Ideally, Newborns are best photographed in the first week or so of life.  At this time, they are still flexible and naturally curl up.  The best shots are of them curled up.  They are also extra sleepy during this time which allows for a more successful photo session. Additionally, in later weeks, many infants develop baby acne and lose the “newborn look.”

We will be using the room in your house with the most natural indirect lighting.  I will bring studio lights with me as well; however, photos turn out best if we can use natural sunlight.

If you would like to have your photo session outdoors, a location that has a lot of shade or choosing a time of day where it is over cast outside or the sun is not too strong is ideal.  This protects your baby from getting sunburned and prevents squinting in the photos.

Additionally, we will also take a few photos of baby with mom and dad.  You can choose to “get ready” for these photos or be “as is” to authentically capture this moment in your life.  Many future tender moments may be spent looking back on the craziness of it all!  For full sessions, we may do shots of the nursery at your request, so you may wish to tidy up this space before the photo session.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate siblings during the newborn session due to the need for a quiet environment and the extended length of the newborn session.  If needed, please remember to arrange for childcare of siblings.  If you wish to incorporate siblings at a later time, you can do so by purchasing the family portrait at a discounted rate.  


1) Loosen your baby’s diaper, so skin wrinkles have time to smooth out.

2) You may wish to provide a special blankie or toy to capture a special personalized photo momento.  Blankets with texture add depth and dimension to the photos.

3) Feed your baby, so we have a full content little bundle of joy ready for his/her first professional portraits!